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About Me

I'm above all things a front-end developer (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) with a focus on scalable and performant user interfaces. Also, I'm experienced in Back End tasks, working with Ruby, and Ruby frameworks based on rack (Rails, Sinatra, Cuba). Before starting my freelance career, I worked for different companies in Tucuman, all of which are in the web technology business.

I'm passionate about web standards and obsessive about using the right tool for each problem.

I also have some experience with other technologies that I have used for fun in personal projects, namely PHP and Go and Node.js.

  • Education

    • Universidad Nacional de Tucumán

      Computer Engineer

    • CEF - Centro Educativo Franciscano

      Bachelor's degree

  • Experience

    • Freelance Full Stack Web Developer

      2016 - Present

      Web applications development with Ruby on Rails + Angular.js and Wordpress

    • Front End Developer at Area 17

      2014 - 2015

    • Full Stack Web Developer at (in)signia

      2012 - 2013

      Web applications development with Ruby on Rails / Sinatra and Backbone + Marionette.

  • Career Highlights

    • Speaker at Ruby Meetups held in Tucumán


      “Rack and Middlewares” - Presentation at the monthly meeting of the Ruby community in Tucumán, Argentina - Link

    • Open Source Contributor

      2013 - ∞

      Contributor to multiple open-source projects.

  • Skills

    • HTML / CSS / JavaScript

    • Ruby

    • Sass / LESS

    • Git / SVN

    • Node.js